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Yet Another Wild Elephant Shot dead in the Nagarhole National Park - Second in a Week | Wild Elephant Shot dead | Wild Animals Vexed by Acute Water Scarcity
Wild Elephant Shot dead


Latest Victim of Escalating Man-Elephant Conflict

Another wild elephant has been shot dead in the Nagrahole National Park on 25th April 2003.  The solar fence erected by the forest department has been ineffective since the very beginning and the elephants frequently come out of the forest to feed on the enticing crops such as paddy, ragi, plantain and coconuts, resulting in man-elephant conflict.

78th Elephant to die in 35 months in the National Park.

This is the 78th elephant to die in harness in the Nagarhole National Park, in the last 35 months. The fatal incidence happened on the wee hours of 25th April 2003 at Sannakunchi halli, in the Mattigod range of the Nagarhole National Park, when the wild elephant  strayed out of the forest to feed on the alluring  plantain crop grown in a farm belonging to one Mr. Krishnan. 

Death after Day long vivisection

The owner of the farm allegedly shot the female elephant in its left fore leg at 2 am, and the elephant trumpeted in agony and at once rushed towards a large bamboo clump and took shelter underneath it. It was writhing in agony and was seen alternately sitting and standing up. The bullet had pierced the bones of the front leg and the animal was loosing copious quantities of blood. The forest officials were informed about the shooting incidence by 7am itself. By 12 noon the exhausted animal was seen lying down and convulsing. The forest officials and some villagers were seen pouring water over its head.

By the time the veterinary doctor Dr. Chittiappa arrived at 3.45 pm the elephant had breathed its last. Post mortem was conducted by Dr. Chittiappa in the presence of RFO Mr. Belliappa and Ranger Mr. Masarath Ali, and the body of the elephant was consigned to flames soon after. The owner of the farm Mr. Krishnan has been taken into the custody by the police.

Photo of the wild elephant that was shot dead in the Nagarahole National Park on 25th April 2003.