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Poachers have a Gala Time (Oct-2002)


Incert investigative field report  dated 3rd October 2002

The Litany of  Wildlife Week (Weak) Amid Elephant Carnage

The Wildlife Week (Weak) has a special significance for the state of Karnataka.  Even as the senior guardians of our wildlife indulged in a three hour long litany on 1st October 2002, at the Bannerghatta National Park, to celebrate the wildlife week (weak),  wildlife in the Nagarhole National park, especially the wild elephants are becoming weaker and weaker, week by week. To put the point straight, seven tuskers have succumbed to poachers bullets in just twice the number of weeks, inside the Nagarhole National Park.

The Nagarhole National Park has acquired the dubious distinction, not only as a smugglers haven but also as a poachers paradise in recent months. Three months ago, INCERT Investigation team had investigated and reported several cases of large scale looting of the forest wealth and removal of Sandal wood trees from this National park. INCERT and other agencies had also reported with graphic, photographic and videographic accounts, the brutal killing of elephants, maiming of tigers, and decapitating of deer in the and around the national park.

Not even a kernel of seriousness

After these investigative reports were published, much hue and cry were made in the media and the legislature and it was expected that some measures will be taken by the authorities to address this problem with an iron hand. But shockingly, the authorities have not exhibited even a kernel of seriousness and have preferred to remain unconscious to the timber looting problem. So also they have remained unconscious to the fatal plight of the pachyderms. Lamentably,     large scale deforestation and poaching activities are continuing till date. Some seven tuskers have been shot dead by poachers inside the national park, in the intervening two months. Thanks to the  chronic apathy of the authorities. Their perpetual laxity and inertia to tackle this escalating problem, has undeniably exacerbated the feelings of the wildlife lovers all over the country and abroad.

Rusty Saws and Unrestrained Cruelty

The INCERT investigation team has stumbled on the brutal slaying of seven pachyderms inside the Nagarhole National Park; in Banare Kere, Segadi Katte Kere, Eechur Kadu, Anegallu pare, Moorkal, Parthada Kada, and Kallala (See appended Table for details), which have not been reported as on date.  The poachers have exhibited their unrestrained cruelty,  by sequestering themselves behind chosen bamboo clumps, and ambushing the pachyderms using deadly weapons, even as the unsuspecting tuskers approached the bamboo clumps with their majestic pride and dignity. No sooner  the tortured trumpets of the fatally injured elephant died down, the poachers accomplished the task of tusk extraction in a jiffy, using a rusty saws.  Their actions are profoundly repugnant to describe and even more distasteful, is the shameless growth in the demand for the ivory in many Asian countries. In a rather related development, news papers have reported the seizure of  atleast four large sized tusks, in Bangalore, Shimoga and Mangalore during September 2002.

Cogent Evidences being overlooked

Time and again, INCERT and other organizations have offered the cogent evidences of the killings, as also the large-scale plunder of the  forest wealth.  But there has to be  someone with elementary responsibility, if not accountability, to investigate further and search for solutions to put an end to this thoughtless slaughter and senseless plunder. But sadly, the authorities are overlooking these evidences and on the contrary, are trying hard to all but smother the few available nuggets of factual information furnished by the investigating teams.

Prime Ministers Clarion Call and the need for Introspection

Yesterday, our Prime minister has given the clarion call to rededicate ourselves to the national task of conservation of our invaluable natural heritage...Wildlife Week, which coincides with the birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi, is a fitting occasion for us to reflect that all nature is a continuum and if humankind has any special place at all, it lies in the role of trustee of the well-being of all creatures, great and small....Nevertheless, in the past several decades, neglect of nature conservation has resulted in deforestation, species loss and depletion of wildlife habitat. These trends must be urgently reversed by ensuring that all development activities, the imperative of nature conservation is kept in mind. This will require the support, participation and vigilance of people from all walks of life.

As citizens of India should we continue to remain as mere spectators and bystanders to these increasing illegal activities? Time for introspection and retrospection is Now.


Details of the tuskers massacre in the nagarhole national park



Place and date of killing

Forest Range




about 1 km west of  Banare Kere shot dead about one and half month ago


 30 years

Only skeletal remains were photographed


Segadi Katte Kere


25 years

only skeletal remains were photographed


surrounded by Kachuvina halli, Udevepura



Billana hosahalli and Haiyana Kere


Shot dead some two months ago





Eechur Kadu, about 20 kms from


40 years

Remains of partial skeleton noticed.


Teetamatti on Kachuvinahalli and Mattigodu Beat. 20 days back



Poachers, which can be clearly seen in the pictures Poachers, which can be clearly seen in the pictures


Anagallu Paare Two and half months ago

Veerana hosahalli

40 years

Fleshy parts eaten up by wild animals.  Only skeletal remains photographed.


Near Moorkal, one km from Moorkal adjacent to the bus route in a bamboo Bush shot dead some three months ago

Veerana hosahalli

25 years

Partly eaten up, only skeletons remains seen, all four soles and nails intact as seen in the picture


Behind Elephant Camp in Moorkal near Parthada Kada, about  half km from Carcass has been burnt by the forest guards. Elephant camp,  25 days ago

Veerana hosahalli

40 years

Veterinary Doctor from BaleYele has conducted the post- mortem


Kallala, Between Nagarhole and Murkal Two months agomortem. Carcase burnt.

Veerana hosahalli

40 years

Veterinary Doctor from Bale Yele has conducted the post- Photographs could not be obtained.

Remains of the tusker killed in Banare Kere

2) Remains of the tusker killed in Banare Kere

Remains of the tusker killed by poachers near Moorkal

Remains of the tusker killed by poachers near Moorkal

7) Skeletal remains of the tusker killed by poachers at Eechur Kadu

Skelital remains of the tusker killed by poachers at Eechur Kadu

7) Skeletal remains of the tusker killed by poachers at Eechur Kadu



A make swift bridge has been built across the elephant proof trench illegally

Photo of a sandal wood tree felled recently by the smugglers