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Further to our Investigative Report dated 20.5.2002, we are herewith enclosing the photo of the Wild Elephant that died in the Mattigodu area of the Nagarhole National Park on
19/20th May 2002, under mysterious circumstances. The forest officials are insisting that it is a case of natural death, while the NGOs claim that this four year old female elephant was shot dead.

In addition to the three elephant deaths reported by INCERT (Investigative Reports dated 18th and 20th May 2002), it is learnt from reliable sources that two more elephants have died inside the Nagarhole National Park, during the third week of May 2002.

A seven year old male elephant was found dead in a slushy patch, in Shettalli area in the Titmatti Range of the Nagarahole National Park on 17th may 2002. Another male elephant aged about 15 years was found struck in a slushy puddle near Deyyadakatte area in the Veeranahosalli Range, inside the Nagarhole national Park. The forest officials pulled this elephant out of the mire with the help of tamed elephants, but this enfeebled and exhausted elephant breathed its last around 16th of May 2002.

Efforts by NGOs to independently investigate these two deaths were foiled by alert and vigilant forest guards who had been instructed by the higher-ups, not to allow any person anywhere near the carcasses.

The picture of one of the 48 elephants which died in the last few monthes